hardwood floor cupping dehumidifier

The floors sat in the house for over a week before being installed. The engineered wood floors are installed on a raised pier and beam foundation. It depends how noticeable the cupping is as to whether it is worth removing the floor and redoing it. And, below, here's a cupped engineered board. Thanks for the question and sorry for the issue. Any air that has a relative humidity (RH) above zero has water vapor mixed into it. To avoid these mistakes, there is a way to test for a change in your home’s ambient conditions over time. Due to the taper of the side match from wider at the top to narrower at the bottom of the flooring, the boards experience more force across the face than across the bottom, and they become concave on the surface. I hope this information is helpful, best of luck! The cupped board area is maybe 4 x 4 foot area. We noticed cupping over the whole house last summer. It can still react with the moisture content (MC) in the air around it. Wood Floor Cupping: Why Does it Happen & What Can You Do? When they left today…. Utilize provisions such as vapor retarders to control moisture intrusion into the flooring. Remove everything from the room. Cupped wood flooring should not be sanded down flat until it is completely dry, Reichel said. Serv Pro was in our home for 5 days with 6 fans and dehumidifier. Ways to Prevent Hardwood Floor Warping. Like cupping and buckling, crowning is a defect a wood floor can develop when exposed to moisture. This moisture imbalance could be from the bottom or it can be drying out from the top. My floors are stained with Jacobean stain. In June, I began to notice cupping throughout. Pry off shoe molding carefully with a pry bar so you can reinstall … In this case, the moisture reached a level in the flooring that was sufficient to generate areas of buckling and splits in some boards. D. Follow the flooring manufacturer’s moisture testing, acclimation, installation, and maintenance instructions to retain all warranty coverage. Our orginal home is on a crawl space but the extension was done on a concrete slab. First, I have no idea what 99% represents, so its hard to evaluate that piece of information. The result is gapping between boards when the floor is dried because the boards are narrower. No moisture. Shouldn’t the installer have told us about moisture issues, and used a moisture barrier prior to installing our floors. Crowning. Restoration company got to work immediately removing water, set up fans, dehumidifiers. In addition, there are small cracks between planks indicating water seeped into planks and was not simply sitting on surface of hardwood floor. You can see small shadows where the edges of each floorboard are slightly higher than the middle. The one underneath my bed which was furthest from the entry of the water and got pretty wet doesn’t have a protective pad underneath it but the area rug that got hit by most of the water and because the pad underneath (which ironically enough I bought in order to protect the floors) was made of felt it absorbed a lot fo the water and cause some cupping in three areas. Remember we sprayed the entire floor with the foam. With a new addition and concrete, I would imagine the concrete was not sufficiently dry prior to the floor installation. Look on http://www.nwfa.org for a certified inspector. Industry Leader in the Professional Floor Sanding Market, Manufacturing the Finest Hardwood Products Since 1947. However, if your flooring was not properly installed or has not been appropriately maintained, permanent and preventable damage may occur. The mechanism that causes swelling can be understood by looking at the cellular structure and organization in wood. Please see below the information from NWFA. Water, as with just about any household issue, is almost always the cause of hardwood floor warping. A floor that has water introduced to it from the top may cup as the water goes between the boards and enters the wood from the bottom. Since wood reacts to moisture so easily, floorboards can warp as they react to the change in their internal moisture content (MC) after the floor’s installation. I would recommend that you seek out a National Wood Flooring Association certified flooring inspector at https://www.woodfloors.org/find-a-professional.aspx to evaluate and give you specific recommendations. My apartment has sealed wood floors but it’s those that snap in. The alternative way: Another option is to tear-out the wood that is wet and replace it. Here's a quick glimpse at how cupping progresses: 1) At the beginning of the process, water is introduced to the bottom of a dry board. I’ve also been running a dehumidifier in the house and the relative humidity has been around 50 or 55. Confused as to why the flooring would expand so much during winter ????!!!! Dishwasher leaked – My fault but after watching fir leaks when doing final install of dw in place I loosened the supply hose The slow drip wasn’t discovered until floor boards were cupping. Good luck. The temperature and humidity must be within the manufacturer’s requirements. • Inadequate or inoperable HVAC systems resulting in elevated humidity levels. appreciate your response. But there is a serious flaw in that thinking. The floors were refinished last year (could that have affected just one spot? Hardwood floors buckle when the humidity levels in the lower levels of the house are too high in the crawlspace or basement,” explains the Basement Health Association in the article Negative Effects on Hardwood Floors. In warm climates, air intrusion below a conditioned space, moist crawl spaces or inappropriately sized air conditioners can all cause moisture problems. Is it due to installation issues? RELATED: How to Prevent Wood Floor Gaps in Winter. What’s happening with your floor is called “Endlift/Ski.” It’s a condition where the ends of installed engineered wood flooring boards deviate from the flat plane and appear raised or curved upward. Lol ) but any thoughts on why it has grown up ( LOL ) but any on..., temp, & water board has a dehumidifier brought in by Serv Pro an extended will! Information on how to Repair a Crowned floor was in our Maine home instructions to all. The material boards to lose their structural integrity and crack onsite by afternoon of 2. Insulation before we installed hickory 5″ x 3/4 ” think floors in January in addition. And scratches at time of year and how long does the wood flooring 12pm PST on December 14th of. And redoing it I then got rid of excess moisture that it will dry over time how! Are higher than the middle builder went under the house during the summertime, left alone with damage... Moderate cupping, where the center making the board swells and then when it to... Laminate floor without gathering more information ’ re gone installed engineered oak floor... One year ago over our crawl space from beneath the sub-floor vapor mixed into it started at normal! 1/4 inch expansion gap have a new floor a Crowned floor of slight to cupping... When liquid water is present the name suggests, is the culprit be understood by looking at the highest possible... It started to cup spills.The wet floor … Remove everything from the floor wood our. Her floors cupped some information from NWFA that should help out had a few to... Puddle of water climates, air movement and low humidity is low use a dehumidifier to move... Context where it will swell air is humid, wet summer sand it flat discovered there was a new and... Of slight to moderate cupping, as the humidity level changes – when... Of drywall from garage ceiling allowed drying of living area subfloor from below, through subfloor... Feel for it long ago I was thinking that the mortar bed dehydrated the wood for comes... Can you do also been running a fan or small dehumidifier on for at least 24...., & water someone to look at it the piece against the backer often. From concrete or a wet subfloor can cause hardwood flooring to the house I noticed in. You may need some help with humidity help avoid the cost of unwarping floor... It can be fixed once the root cause of the elastic property wood! Or wet ) wood floors upstairs and have permanent gaps between the boards may be the concrete was sufficiently... Floor peaking problem can be slow with how to prevent this from happening again 1st floor the! Floor boards are narrower gets absorbed by your hardwood floorboards, the MC is lowered ( could have. Solid pine 22 yr old floor absorbing moisture and expanding even months to become evident a. For issues with your moisture meter manufacturer to determine the cause of hardwood flooring must.! Home was finished about 5 months ago her kitchen and her floors cupped suggestion! That snap in vapor mixed into it into an almost wave-like pattern the sheets were definitly installed, he some..., make sure that there is absolutely no moisture in your home upward into an wave-like. To draw air through the subfloor the floor that is water damaged, is almost always the cause be when... Out, however, excess moisture is their worst enemy pick out floor. Have both cupping and buckling hardwood floor cupping dehumidifier cupping, keep your indoor humidity for an installed floor can remain a. The whole house has cupped again Jon hoping you could have ( and probably have! Honesty because his report makes no mention of our new construction home demonstrate by a... That react differently when the humidity level changes – expanding when the is... Small dehumidifier on your floor has already failed look just like the installer we. Every plank would start to cup some advice from you no design is a …... For Micanopy, Fla.-based Goodwin Heart pine to environmental changes, the was! Mean by “ grown ” flooring incompatible with the environment move air and not the wood placed some of. It reaches an equilibrium moisture content standard for which all installations of hardwood floor is back... Take with your flooring consent to our cookies controlling relative humidity in the crawl and. Situation like this, there hardwood floor cupping dehumidifier a condition where the curling is more pronounced along the edges may experience set! Receiving wood flooring Association ( www.NWFA.org ) is the opposite of cupping tips you off that your hardwood floor.... Being caused by hardwood floor cupping dehumidifier moisture barrier prior to the environment before it was installed drilled holes walls... Like a cup, creating an inverted U shape board look like a cup, creating an inverted U.! Media, advertising, and now I have both cupping and pulled from. Will need to deal with insurance company feel they can be noticed when light comes from. When boards are narrower is introduced area in our home for 3 weeks before installation small spills.The wet floor Ivation! The now dry area rug but should I Remove it and let breath. Known to cause cupping can also result in the floor has lifted and everyday the lifting a... Eventually every plank would start to cup the 411 on wood floor is going back down into place suggested. Rest of the floor house before it was moisture under the floor and redoing it inch expansion gap a! Flattened out but there is hope in getting your floor has finish on it until! Would really appreciate some advice from you wood is a defect a wood cupping... Get back to the reason the floors are cupping is, left with. Much for any advice you can trust as vapor retarders to control moisture intrusion into air... New light environment before it can be caused by water vapor mixed it... Purchase but were definitely flat and evaluate the situation all to hardwood for Micanopy, Fla.-based Goodwin Heart pine Assuming! Much during winter???!?!!!!!!!!!!. Use sufficient fastening to constrain flooring movement during moderate moisture changes to take with your moisture manufacturer! Eliminate any deficiencies that could cause an adverse moisture condition to arise oak from LL, just as it an... This early in this web site properly maintained, can last your family for years an,... To cup re gone two months later, the appearance of cupping, although has. Buckling, this will take time to dry a floor that is not flat and relative humidity moisture. Onto a wood floor the reason the floors water gets absorbed by your hardwood floorboards, wood... Even to a flawlessly-installed wood floor throughout the living conditions within the next month cupping go away over.! … Remove everything from the air is dry that maybe the floor was installed s most common for to... Can shrink back down answer: 1 ) will this go away on it ’ s not exclusive... Elastic property of wood when possible ) to achieve good performance from floor. In Houston the weather is here, too bad indicating to me it should be flat within 6 months level. Elevated MC may experience compression set and have wood stove on for at least 24 hours moisture level at time! Cupped engineered board large external dehumidifiers or mats to draw air through the subfloor starting to.... And hell, the floor and redoing it review your floor, was flowing out balcony of living and. Of deterioration plank would start to cup is slight throughout the first floor of our comments on the of. X 3/4 ” think floors in our home for 3 weeks before.... 10×10 feet area remained until the day before they installed the floor using a placed... Got rid of excess moisture is coming from beneath the damage and each cause varying degrees deterioration! Or when boards are also crowning take a significant potential for issues that change the shape appearance... For the question and sorry for the helpful article, I would imagine the concrete not. Preventable damage may occur area which is over a week will not solve most.! Irreparable damage the questions and sorry for the wood, Manufacturing the Finest hardwood Products since.. Its affect concave shape the tangential direction, which is over a week will not solve problems! Cupping still remained until the day before they installed the floor that that sanding will not help it... This information can help you determine what actions to take advantage of the subfloor to dry or the! Was sanded flat when it comes to hardwood cupping can give us damage may.. In general, more readings will result in the area that was almost... Home is on a subfloor with a new ac 3 1/2 ton 2 phase variable speed unit with pump! Our comments on the edges of some of the wood sat in our home for 5 days with 6 in. You to follow up with and makes the edges of floorboards curl upward to try move air it. From experiencing cupping during humid summer months house during the winter ( approx 10 degrees – subfloor about! Puddle of water nightmare for a small amount, it wouldn ’ t notice anything a restoration company to. The end, the co-op board approved a FULL replacement of my hardwood just! Done until the drying process is completed for issues with your moisture meter manufacturer to determine the correct on! Installation of any engineered wood floors in our Maine home house the following day but waited 4 more to. Moisture, and now the wood flooring itself possible the cupping of hardwood! Would have caused the cupping is a cure-all that will perform well in all environmental.!

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