carstairs state hospital murders

A man who stabbed an IT worker to death in a street near Edinburgh Castle has been ordered to remain at the State Hospital in Carstairs. A man who spent 21 years in the State Hospital at Carstairs after the murder of a six-year-old girl was returned to the hospital yesterday after being convicted of offences involving two children. Robert Francis Mone (born 1948) is a Scottish convicted murderer and spree killer who was sentenced to life imprisonment in 1979.. Mone was born in Dundee and grew up with his parents and two sisters. Violent inmate Ewan MacDonald sent to Carstairs State Hospital for life after jail attacks. ... MacDonald, who faced 13 charges including attempted murder, was deemed unfit to stand trial and an examination of facts hearing was held. The State Hospital, Carstairs. Mone was never convicted of Nanette’s murder. ... A man accused of murdering his wife by striking her with a mallet or a similar object is to be assessed at the state hospital. The State Hospital, Carstairs, South Lanarkshire ... MacDonald , who faced 13 charges including attempted murder, was deemed unfit to stand trial … McCulloch, who went on a bloody rampage after escaping from the state psychiatric hospital Carstairs in the 1970s, was released from Castle Huntly yesterday morning. His father, Robert Christopher "Sonny" Mone, murdered his aunt and two other women in Dundee after his conviction. He was declared insane and unfit to plead and sent to Carstairs State Hospital in Lanark. The State Hospital, Carstairs, Lanark ML11 8RP Phone: 01555 840293 / Email: "Safe and Secure Care Treatment and Recovery" A NURSE at Carstairs hospital for the criminally insane was besotted with a dangerous and violent patient, it emerged today (Mon). Angela's killer, Alexander Reid, was deemed to be of diminished mental capacity when he committed the murder. The killer is currently in the State Hospital at Carstairs. He has been held at the State Hospital in Carstairs, Lanarkshire for the past 47 years. Nine years later, he … He claims to have had a dysfunctional home life and traumatic childhood. Pensioner Sam Glass is believed to be Scotland’s longest-serving prisoner. Murder Accused To Be Assessed At Carstairs.

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